Evoclean, always on the look-out for the most advanced cleaning solutions, presents to you the revolutionary cleaning method with the use of ULTRASONIC technology !

The applications of this method are countless and perfect results are always guaranteed, even in the most difficult and demanding cases.

For your reference, we mention below some of the applications of Ultrasonic cleaning :

Domestic sector :

  • Porcelain & Crystal items
  • Lighting fixtures – Chandeliers
  • Stuffed animal toys
  • Electrical fans (all types)
  • Jewelry, Watches
  • Wheel chairs
  • Silver / Silver-plated – Bronze – Copper items

Professional sector :

  • Blinds (all kinds)
  • Cafeteria / Hotel seats and umbrellas
  • Electronic and Electric devices
  • Parabolic ceiling lights
  • Artificial plants and flowers
  • Computer towers and Monitors
  • Industrial / Auto parts
  • Training organs and machinery
  • Musical instruments
  • Also perfect restoration after fire or flood, as the Ultrasonic cleaning method can remove dirt, dust, nicotine and soot from all affected items restoring them to their prior condition.

We are always at your disposal for any further information or specification you might need concerning this revolutionary cleaning method and its amazing results.