Our company evoclean, determined to have a complete range of professional solutions, has added Deworming and Vermin extermination to its services.

In accordance to the 852/04 E.U. directive and H.A.C.C.P. system (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points), our company has prepared a specific implementation plan concerning Dewormings and Vermin exterminations the basic points of which are mentioned below :

Spray deworming

Solution for all crawling insects (not including spiders, fleas, bedbugs, ticks, flies, mosquittos).

Gel deworming

Unlike the traditional way of perimetric spraying, the gel bait is an attractively edible insecticide and revolutionary in its field thanks to the perfect results, small dosage and ease of its application.

Vermin extermination

It is implemented by the placement of ratsbane in several places and mainly in sewers and dark spots where the possibility of rat/mice dwelling or rat/mice passing is higher.  The ratsbane used is extremely efficient in cases of rats/mice that have become immune to common rat poisons.


It is implemented by the application of germicidal substances in all infected areas such as W.C.s, locker rooms, etc.

Additional services & products

Our company can also provide the following services :

  • Snake repulsion
  • Electric insect traps
  • Pigeon repelling
  • Fumigation