Evoclean, always on the look-out for the most advanced cleaning solutions, presents to you the revolutionary method of ULTRASONIC cleaning !

  •  What is the Ultrasonic cleaning ?
  • Ultrasonic cleaning is the new, revolutionary cleaning method that recants everything you knew about cleaning.
  • It assures the deep and thorough cleaning of countless objects that could never be cleaned so perfectly by any of the current conventional cleaning methods.
  • It offers perfect results even in the most difficult and demanding cases.
  • How do Ultra-sounds work in cleaning ?
  • The Ultrasonic cleaning is applied in specially designed machines/tanks.  These tanks are filled with water-based liquid solution in which an ultra-sound generator (a device of mechanical vibration) creates positive and negative waves of alternating pressure, a procedure known as Cavitation.  Millions of tiny bubbles are created, which, constantly growing, collapse to their core releasing a vast amount of energy.
  • The temperature and pressure levels inside a cavitation bubble can be extremely high, reaching almost 3.000 ºC and almost 10.000 PSI.  (Note : These temperature and pressure levels are created instantaneously and in no case can they endanger the object being cleaned or the machine operator (who can dip his hands into the tank at any time of the cleaning process without the slightest problem or nuisance!).
  • The bubble collapsing, when taking place near a hard surface, transforms the bubble into a beam of launching energy 1/10th of the bubble’s original size, that moves with a speed of up to 400 chilometers per hour towards the hard surface.  The combination of temperature, pressure and speed removes all kind of dirt or residue from the substrate in a few seconds.
  • Thanks to the beam’s tiny size and vast energy, the ultrasounds can reach inside the smallest alcoves and remove all trapped residue in the most efficient way.
  • An excellent example of this method is the following : We take 2 flat microscope slides, we apply some lipstick on one of them, we cover the lipstick stained slide with the second slide wrapping the together with a rubber band.  When the 2 slides are placed inside the Ultrasonic tank with some neutral chemical cleaning product and some warm water, within seconds, the cavitation process will completely remove the lipstick mark from between the slides, thanks to the powerful beam action and its extermely small size.


  • Where can the Ultrasonic cleaning method be applied ?

Its applications are endless and offer remarkable results !

For your reference, we mention some of them below :

Domestic sector : 

  • Porcelain & Crystal items
  • Lighting fixtures – Chandeliers
  • Stuffed animal toys
  • Electrical fans (all types)
  • Jewelry, Watches
  • Wheel chairs
  • Silver / Silver-plated – Bronze – Copper items

Professional sector : 

  • Blinds (all kinds)
  • Cafeteria / Hotel seats and umbrellas
  • Electronic and Electric devices
  • Parabolic ceiling lights
  • Artificial plants and flowers
  • Computer towers and Monitors
  • Industrial / Auto parts
  • Training organs and machinery
  • Musical instruments
  • Also perfect restoration after fire or flood, as the Ultrasonic cleaning method can remove dirt, dust, nicotine and soot from all affected items restoring them to their prior condition.

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  • Please find below photos of just some of the countless applications and remarkable results of the Ultrasonic cleaning method :



  • Here you can watch a short intoduction video on Ultrasonic cleaning :

  • Here you can watch a “step-by-step description” video on the Ultrasoning cleaning of OFFICE BLINDS :