Our equipment

The people of evoclean, knowing that technology advancement can make our life easier, are constantly on the look-out for any progress made in the field of cleaning services, they visit many national and international exhibitions, they train and educate the cleaning staff and are always amongst the first to apply any new cleaning method and technology.

Some recent examples are : a) the ULTRASONIC cleaning method that our company can provide.  A method with exquisite results and unlimited applications, such as cleaning of blinds, light fixtures, monitors, e.t.c. and b) Escalator machines, used exclusively for the best cleaning of all kinds of escalators.


Cleaning products

Our compamny, evoclean, is very sensitive about environmental issues and that is the reason we use exclusively eco-friendly cleaning products, which we buy from the most known and popular brands of the market.  These products are safe for the environment, bio-degradable, non-toxic and harmless to humans and pets.

Indicatively we mention that the garbage disposal bags that we use (thousands of pieces monthly) are light-oxygen-bio-degradable so that they may disintegrate under rubbish dump conditions and environmental temperature of 200 C.