• What is the “ ON SIGHT vehicle Bio-Cleaning ?
  • Our experienced staff, using the most modern equipment, carry out the Bio-Cleaning of your vehicle at the place and the time of your convinience, offering you excellent results.
  • On what kind of vehicles can the “ ON SIGHT vehicle Bio-Cleaning be applied ?
  • Personal vehicles and SUVs
  • Trucks (of all sizes)
  • Pullmans and School buses
  • The ON SIGHT vehicle Bio-Cleaning includes :
  • Vehicle cabin cleaning
  • Stain removal, odor extinction, disinfection of the whole cabin, seats, console,  doors, mats, seat belts, cabin cieling
  • Care and hydration of all plastic and leather parts
  • Trunk cleaning
  • Disinfection of all cabin air-ducts
  • What are the benefits of the “ ON SIGHT vehicle Bio-Cleaning ?
  • It can be applied at the place and the time of your convinience, according to your schedule, without unnecessary moving, expences and waste of valuable time.
  • It offers far better results that the conventional cleaning methods as it assures the ultimate and safest cleaning of your vehicle, for you, for your children and your pets, even in the most difficult and demanding cases.
  • Evoclean informs you :
  • The Bio-Cleaning of your vehicle needs to be conducted frequently to ensure the removal of dirt and harmful micro-organisms that will jeopardize the passengers’ health.  The eco-friendly products that we use will not harm the environment and are completely safe for children and people suffering from allergies.
  • The time needed for the completion of your vehicle’s Bio-Cleaning is approximately 2 to 3 jours, depending on the case.
  • Service cost :
  • Τhe cost for the “ ON SIGHT ” Bio-Cleaning of your vehicle starts from the special price of 50€ / vehicle*.

 * Note : a) The price might change depending on : the size/type of vehicle, the region where the cleaning will take place, the condition of the internal vehicle spaces (for extremely encumbered vehicles), b) The given price does not include VAT.

  • Our goal is to provide the best care of your vehicle, so that it is utterly clean and looks brand-new !
  • In the following videos you can see the procedure and mind-blowing results of the vehicle bio cleaning :

      • Please find below a small sample of the wonderous results of the vehicle Bio-Cleaning that we provide :

Private vehicles :

Καμπίνα επιβαρυμένη από κατοικίδιο                                               


                       Βιολογικός καθαρισμός Jimni

Professional vehicles :

Κλούβα ΕΛ.ΑΣ.                      Τράκτορας            Τράκτορας            Πυροσβεστικό όχημα Δήμου Βύρωνα

Τουριστικό λεωφορείο          Βιολογικός καθαρισμός τράκτορα



Yachts :

Σκάφος αναψυχής             Καθαρισμός yacht            Καθαρισμός σκάφους            Καθαρισμός yacht