Municipality of Chalandri – Vehicle bio cleaning

We gladly inform you that our company, evoclean, has successfully completed the bio cleaning of the vehicle fleet of Chalandri Municipality, consisted of sixty five (65) professional vehicles like buses, refuse collection vehicles, aquifers, passenger vehicles, excavators, etc..

Cooperation with “H&M” (Chalandri & “River West” shopping center)

The successful cooperation between our company and the popular chain store clothing brand “H&M” is rewarded once again !

Starting from 01/10/2012, evoclean has been assigned to handle the daily cleaning maintenance of two (2) more stores : 1) The “H&M” store in Chalandri (on 5, Platonos Str.) and 2) The “H&M” store located in the “River West” shopping center (on 96-98 Kifisou Ave.).