New cooperation with H&M (Veroia store)

We gladly inform you that “H&M”, expanding its existant cooperation with our company, has assigned us the demanding job of the initial cleaning as well as the cleaning maintenance of its newest store in Veroia.

Νέα συνεργασία με την H&M (κατάστημα Βέροιας)

Με μεγάλη χαρά σας ενημερώνουμε ότι εταιρεία “H&M”, ενισχύοντας τη μέχρι τώρα συνεργασία της με την εταιρεία μας Evoclean, μας ανέθεσε το απαιτητικό έργο του αρχικού καθαρισμού καθώς και της μετέπειτα καθημερινής φροντίδας του νέου της καταστήματος στη Βέροια.

New fire safety & fire protection services by Evoclean

Our company, in its continuous effort to expand its range of services and fully cover its clients needs, made a new business collaboration with fire safety/protection company 3S Protection.

Our clients can now address to us for :

  • Studies for fire safety systems installation & maintenance
  • Written confirmations – Certificates
  • Fire extinguishers – Refillings
  • Seminars

Expanded cooperation with “Η&Μ”

After its recent proclamation for the assignment of the cleaning maintenance of all its stores in Greece, the famous clothing brand “H&M”, expanding the existant cooperation with Evoclean even further, assigned us with the care of six (6) more of its stores, in Athens but also in many other cities in Greece, such as Volos, Rhodes, Corinthe, Chania and Salonica.


Express Santorini – Ship bio-cleaning

We gladly inform you that, evoclean, has successfully completed the bio cleaning of “Express SANTORINI” ship.